A Darker Magic

Starting at: $6.00

ISBN: 978-1-934475-71-3
Genre: Dark Fantasy Romance
Cover Artist: Mariya Krusheva
Book Length: Full Length
Heat Level: Spicy


Sequel to All That's Magic

Mina has been guilt-ridden ever since she was the cause of Niall being banished from Faeryland. Yet she could never imagine that he would be sent to the demon world, where he was tortured and the gentle Fae's true nature uncovered. Now Niall is back for revenge against all Faeries, chief being the sexy Fae that caused all of his troubles. If he can keep his hands off Mina long enough to open a portal to some hideous punishment for her, all will be as it should be. Unfortunately, making love to the delectable Mina is just too good and the demon that followed him out of hell wants Niall's powers all to himself.

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