Fur and Feathers: A Raven Saga Book 2

Starting at: $6.00

ISBN: 978-1-934475-67-6
Genre: Dark Fantasy Romance
Cover Artist: Mariya Krusheva
Book Length: Full Length
Heat Level: Spicy


An ancient and dark predator stalks the pack.

Alena has been hiding from her heritage for years. She left behind her past after the death of her uncle. Now her estranged family has found her and begs her to come home.

Darius has been assigned to investigate the death of two werewolf children and granted a semi-reprieve from his Raven Warrior curse. Not happy with his new mission, Darius discovers the pack's killer is not the hunter he thinks it is.

Will Alena face her past before the hunter kills again? Can Darius face the ancient evil and live?


I found the Raven Warrior concept to be new and fresh. Something I had never read before. Not in this form. The characters of Darius, Alena, Vincent and Marija pulled me into the story and at one point I was not sure I was going to get my HEA. For me to doubt that, even for a second, means the story is very good. It means the Ms. Hart did more than her job, she succeeded in taking me out of the expectations I had and sent me reeling with 'how can this be'.

As this is the second book in a series, I plan on buying the first and the third which I understand is coming soon. Buy the two, put Ms. Hart on your to buy list and keep up with what is an overwhelmingly interesting world.

-Jordan, Fallen Angel Reviews

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