Facebook Live Q&A savedroid ICO #19 (in English) at July 19th, 2018.


SVD Token
- As crypto markets have finally at least slightly stabilized above a BTC price of $7,000 we will now go ahead with the SVD exchange listing
- Plan is to list SVD at HitBTC, TIDEX, IDEX, and Bancor until August 10th 2018, the TOP5 exchange will only follow in a later point in time
- Alignment talks with Top5 exchange ongoing, listing date depends on their availability, we continue to push for listing asap
- Ongoing talks with further exchanges, listing fees remain extremely high, we will only accept economically favorable terms
- On Satis Group’s study: We have requested Satis Group to correct their wrong research asap, we do consider legal action against such libel

Crypto App
- More than 2,500 downloads of the savedroid crypto saving app since Beta launch on June 29th 2018
- Working on Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin integration as next two coins with expected Beta launch in September 2018
- Working on iOS app with expected Beta launch in English language outside of Germany in September/October 2018
- Beta will continue to run on invitation only basis, i.e., all savedroid ICO participants will receive personal invites

Bounty Program
- New Bounty Program to spread the word about the savedroid crypto saving app will start on July 25th 2018
- You can earn free SVD tokens worth 100,000.00 Euro in just one month
- To participate please install the Beta app from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=crypto.savedroid

Community Event
- Our 2nd community event will take place on August 15th 2018, you can visit us at our office or participate via live stream
- The savedroid Meetup will offer you a close look behind the scenes of savedroid
- Learn more about our strategy and AI, the savedroid crypto saving app, and the people behind SVD
- Signup for free here: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/savedroid-Meetup 


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