Please WATCH: 
Sowore in 1998 conducting the burial of M.K.O Abiola after he declared the Military persona grata and that Abiola's sons have failed Nigerian youths.

The video teaches two things basically- 
1. It teaches Process. Sowore has gone through all those circumstantial travails to be refined to what he is today- the firebrand revolutionary leader.

2. That Sowore is not a 'new-comer'.
The 'new-comers' are the ones who have never done anything significant for the people other than owning non-reproductive 150 cows and truncating Democracy by planning coup.

The other new-comer is the Custom Officer who miraculously became a billionaire. It is only in Nigeria we don't ask questions bordering on Public wealth and how few people corner it for themselves. 
While you can point to Bill Gates' Microsoft and he can be inspirational. Zuckerberg can tell you how he started Facebook. Nigeria billionaires would tell you that 'God has been faithful'.

Atiku would only be a Motivational Speaker in a symposium organized by 'ritualists' and advocates of 'get-rich-quick-anyway- anyhow'

#SoworeForPresident #AAC 


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