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Transcription of audio: 
What up guys Jeremy here! You most likely found this video because you have been searching the internet trying to figure out how to set up your inflatable lunger. 
I completely understand! These are an interesting product and when I first got mine I was having issues getting it setup as well. 
So I am here to guide you along through the process and make this as easy for you as possible. Lets get started. 

So when you first get your sofa its prolly going to look something like this: all rolled up and folded tight. The best thing to do is take it out of the travel case as soon as you get it, if you want to use it right away, and lay it out flat so that it has time ti air out. They have been smashed and compacted during the shipping process and you want to give it time to "unkink" itself internally. 
Give it a few hours to air out if you have the time, but a few minutes will work too if necessary. When you first get it the longer you can lay it out though the better. 
Iv'e already had this one laid out for quite a while so it is ready to go. Because of this it's going to be a lot more pliable and inflate much more easily. 
So, you don't need to be outdoors to do this, you can be indoors as well, and you don't necessarily need wind. Now wind will definitely help you out although it is not necessary.
So what you are going to do: there are two large openings on this inflatable sofa, they both go into the same chamber, it is one large tub that bends around in a complete 180 degree turn from one opening to the other.
Although they both go into the same basic opening you want to inflate them one at a time. So you open up one of the sides and what you're going to do is whip it into the wind. We have a slight wind here so lets see if I can get this to work.
You want to close the opening quickly as soon as you get the air in there so you trap it! Now go to the other side opening and do the same thing again & remember to close it quickly. 
Now that you have gotten air trapped inside of the inflatable hammock you're going to roll up the end until it is tight. 
Once you have gotten this rolled up and tight go ahead and fold the ends together, clip it and you're ready to go.
Its super easy, its just a little interesting to learn and hard to set up maybe the first time. 
Now were ready to rock and roll! As you can tell that took like two seconds and I am ready to start chilling! If you're interested in checking out a YipEee! inflatable sofa click on the link below. They are a great price for a great product, super durable and I love mine! I hope you love yours too!

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Link To Another Instructional Video: https://youtu.be/hwKEUZvqxRQ 


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