Lip piercings are a great look and can be put in multiple places to create amazing styles such as snake bites, spider bites and the Monroe piercing. We've captured this oral piercing being performed on camera by our a piercer at our Plymouth store, and we also offer advice for a brand new lip piercing.

Blue Banana performs the most piercings in the UK each year and we're proud to present our extensive range of body modifications in video for you, so check out this clip to see if a lip piercing is the ideal choice for you! 

Hopefully this video will help ease any fears you have about getting your lip pierced, and you can find more on our channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/BlueBananaUK 

If you're interested in how to get a piercing of your very own through Blue Banana then check out our stores here: http://www.bluebanana.com/stores.php

Our list of age restrictions and prices for piercings can be found here: http://www.bluebanana.com/article.php/21535/body-piercing-information

This body modification involves piercing the inside of the mouth and we offer a range of advice regarding aftercare and what you can expect, plus our top tips regarding piercings in general! 

If you already have piercings and are interested in purchasing some body jewellery then you can find everything you'll need here: http://www.bluebanana.com/section.php/735/1/body-piercing-jewellery 


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