Michael van Gerwen and Rob Cross put on VR headsets and step out of their comfort zone.

It’s often said that the best players in the world are capable of playing darts from a different planet. But how about in another reality?

To find out, we challenged world No. 1 Michael van Gerwen and reigning world champion Rob Cross to a game of VR Darts. With checking out on a double seemingly out of the question, it was simply a case of the highest score with nine darts wins.

But who found their range the quickest, and who resorted to dirty tricks to try and get ahead? 

You'll have to watch the video to find out!

Highlights include:

- "It's amazing in here, innit?!" – Rob Cross can't believe what he's seeing

- "What's that over there?" – MVG struggles to adapt to his new surroundings

- "That's gone miles high!" – The reigning world champ's aim is all off

- "I'm just going for bullseye now!"  The players start to show off as they find their bearings

- "What has he done to you?!" –  John McDonald can't believe the dirty tricks going on 

- There's only one point in it! But who will be crowned the winner?

- That's tragic! Watch as the winner is left hanging by the MC


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