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Gorgeous Acrylic Pouring technique on a small canvas 6" x 6". 
It makes much fun and the result is a perfect surprice ♥
Try it by yourself and you will never stop to pouring :)
Title: " Blue Emotion "
Color: Turquoise blue, dark Brown, White.

♥♥♥ Have fun and enjoy Art ♥♥♥

For a small canvas, i proceeded as follows:

1. Put one to 2 teaspoons of color in a plastic cup. For each cup a wooden stick or something similar to mix. Plastic cups are available on Amazon.

2. for each color do about 1 teaspoon Liquitex pouring medium 
( https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B0060KUP0E )

3. Mix both well.

4. Add about 1 - 2 teaspoons of Floetrol ( by Owatrol. https://www.blazingcolours.eu/webshop/mediums/ ) to each color. Mix again.

5. Carefully add some water, preferably from a small squeeze bottle for easier dosing, is also available on Amazon. Stir until the color runs from the stick, but not too much water, otherwise the color is too thin. I bought distilled water (our water is too chalky).
( https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00J93U4XM ).

6. I let the colors rest for one hour.

7. Finally, about 2 - 3 drops of silicone oil in each color. Stir a lot = small cells.
Stir little = big cells. ( https://www.blazingcolours.eu/webshop/dimethicone-silicone/ )

8. Pour alternating colors in a cup ( layer by layer, one color more, from the other color less, just as you want it). When all the colors are in the cup, use a stick to go into the color and pull the stick all the way around (NOT STIRRING).

9. Now pour the colors on a canvas, or make a flip cup (turn the canvas over the cup and turn it back together quickly). After a few seconds, remove the cup.
10.  Move the canvas with the color slowly. Pay attention to the corners so that there is color too.

11. I have shortly (caution) torch the color. If you do not have a burner, then you can blow it over the color shortly.

Pay attention to warm room temperature. Use only a new canvas. Make sure the canvas is not resting directly on the table / floor. Air must be able to circulate under the canvas!
I think I've written everything down now.
I wish you creative fun!

good luck,
~ ilonka

Acrylfarben gießen, eine Technik die nicht nur Spaß macht, sondern auch " süchtig " macht ;)
Viel Freude am kreativen tropfen, wischen oder einfach nur gießen.

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