Power steering noise such as moaning or whining can be common and easily fixed for many Honda vehicles.  For Honda vehicles, that are equipped with the power steering pump shown in the video, this noise is usually caused by old worn out O-rings that fit onto the suction and high pressure lines where they bolt up to the power steering pump.  

Usually what happens is that these O-rings will allow air to be introduced into the power steering system and cause the power steering pump to cavitate.  This is where the noise occurs.  

This video is designed to help you to understand what may be the problem with your vehicle and also to help you to understand how to repair this problem. 

The vehicle featured in the video is a 2005 Honda Odyssey Touring 3.5L

As promised the part #s for the o-rings are as follows
91370-sv4-000 and 91345-rda-a01
Both o-rings where purchased for just $6.52

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Repair your vehicle at your own risk!  Barbour's auto help does not guaranty a proper repair using these techniques. 


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