OMG IT'S FINISHED!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my first MEP would go this well! Every part is so well done and I couldn't be happier :D 
Okay! So, with this MEP, i kinda... how do I put this?? Well, I kind connected all of the parts into a storyline (beside them all having the same theme obviously XD)
Essentially, in the intro of the MEP Merida sees her husband Hiccup sneak off once again in the night, knowing that he is off to see a secret (well not so secret since she knows) lover. Devastated, she begins to break down and cry... then she remembers something. She goes over to the bookcase, pulling a book off the wall about the struggles of a relationship (this is so horrible the name i have in my head for the book is "Adultery: A History" XD). 
It then leads into the rest of the parts, where every part is an entry in the book, some from the past and some from the "present" (i kinda had the feeling that 2D was the past and 3D was the present but I'll leave that up to you XD). I feel like repeating characters (for example, Anna is the one cheated on twice throughout the MEP and she ends up being the one Hiccup has an affair with in my part and the one that Hans has an affair with in keepmeposted25's part) shows that the strain of disloyalty (especially when it happens multiple times) can lead to people giving up on "Pure love" and giving in the adulterous relationships they have been hurt by (idek know man why am I being philosophical about this XD). Regardless, when Merida finishes reading all of the entries ("I'm searching and scanning for answers in every line" -- n-no? No? Okay XD), she is unhappy to find that nothing good seems to happen to the women who were cheated on.
When she sees little Anna (who is Hiccup and her daughter) come in, she breaks down and gives her a tearful apology, feeling like its her fault. Then it ends with the image of them hugging and Hiccup feeling that he screwed up through the Force (just kidding not through the Force but you get the idea).
Good lord this is depressing XD I LOVE IT SO MUCH THO THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! Please tsubscribe to everyone, tehy deserve so much love :D

Intro: Mine - Merida/Hiccup (ft. Anna and... um... baby Anna? XD idek)
Part 1: keepmeposted25 - Rapunzel/Hans (ft. Anna and Merida) 
Part 2: doodle - Anna/Jack Frost (ft. Astrid and Elsa)  
Part 3: BlueHeartTattoo - Aurora/Hercules (ft. Meg)
Part 4: xStarrySkyx - Ariel and Aladdin (ft. Jasmine)
Part 5: hxsibuna - Anastasia Tremaine and Eric (ft. Ariel)
Part 6: Lamby Dance - Esmeralda & Tulio ft. Chel
Part 7: prettypurplegirl - Anna and Hans (ft. Rapunzel and Elsa)
Part 8: Doodle - Elsa and Flynn (ft. Rapunzel)
Part 9: pocajohntassmith - Cinderella, Shang (ft. Odette)
Part 10: hxsibuna - Megara and Dimitri (ft Anastasia)
Part 11: pocajohntassmith - Pocahontas, Sinbad (ft. Jane)
Part 12: xSecrets Frostx - Elsa and Flynn (ft Rapunzel)
Part 13: Mine - Merida/Hiccup (ft. Anna and... um... baby Anna? XD idek)
Outro: Mine - Merida/ Hiccup (ft. Anna and... um... baby Anna? XD idek) 


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