This is one of the few television interviews Otto Frank gave. Sitting in one of the rooms of the Secret Annex, he is talking about his surprise at the things Anne Frank wrote in her diary. Her thoughts on life, her self-criticism: this was not the daughter he had known  

Otto was the only member of his family to survive the holocaust. When he returned, Miep Gies gave him his daughters diary. She had saved it after the people in hiding had been arrested. After reading it, Otto Frank decided to publish the diary. As he puts it: To build up a future you have to know the past.

The video is an excerpt from the television program The Legacy of Anne Frank, which was part of the series The Eternal Light by the Jewish Theological Seminary of America & NBC. It was broadcast on 24 December 1967. The Anne Frank House holds an original film copy of this rarely shown film. 


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