First morphs and fights in Power Rangers S.P.D.

The Power Rangers morph for the first time to take on the Krybots. In this video, we featured two different scenes because the first actual morph featured only three of the Power Rangers. The second scene highlighted Jack (Red Ranger)'s first morph.

Cast: Brandon Jay MacLaren (Jack/ Red Ranger), Monica May (Z / Yellow Ranger), Alycia Purrott (Syd / Pink Ranger), Chris Violette (Sky / Blue Ranger), and Matt Austin (Bridge / Green Ranger)

This scene is from Power Rangers S.P.D. "Beginnings Part 1" (Episode 1):
http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcfmgj0ZPAYso57h1uPwaXH_0UEaOMpyF .

All-new episodes of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel air on Nickelodeon.  Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Hasbro) premieres in 2019.

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