The same media source that told us several days ago that "Thomas Markle-Mouth SR was sighted picking up dinner for two near his Rosarito home", is now saying that Messy Markle sr phoned in telling them how he feared for his life, worried about the Mexican gangs holding him for ransom, he has been staying wherever he could and wherever he could afford to stay to keep himself safe. Now he is officially out of money and hasnt a choice but to return to his  rosarito home. They didnt release a video or audio clip, fishy fishy, they are uk based, fishy fishy, and they said he was grabbing dinner for himself and a friend to bring back to his home in rosarito just a few days back, hmmmmmmmmmm!  Ok , they are either A. LEGIT, B. making up false news in order to gain views ooooor C. put up to telling us this stuff stringing us along so as we just go about our lives and consider him alive and well . 

times like this ive noticed they (yall know whoooo),  tell us before hand their plans indirectly hiding it in plain sight (media source)... lo n behold, it ends up happening just as the person feared.. so strange but super predictable!  I am leaning towards C. 

now we sit back and see what happens next~

keep big mouth markle in your prayers!

stay safe and stay blessed! xoxoxox 


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