Who Betrayed Anne Frank

Historical television documentary investigating who betrayed a teenage Jewish girl in hiding in the Netherlands, Anne Frank, who became famous through the.

Who Betrayed Anne Frank?

"The Diary of Anne Frank" has been read by millions, but the story of how her family was betrayed toward the end of the war is much less known. This Discovery ...

Who betrayed Anne Frank?

A Dutch man claims his aunt was the one who told Nazi authorities where Anne Frank and her family were hiding. The woman worked as a typist for Otto Frank, ...

Who was Anne Frank?

In 1929 a little girl is born into the Jewish Frank family of Frankfurt: Anne. A few years later the Nazis seize power in Germany, and Jews are no longer safe.

The Diary of Anne Frank - Trailer

This moving film recount the life of Anne Frank, a Jewish girl forced into hiding with her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands in World War II.