Honda NR750 ridden

Only 300 road-going NR750s were built and at £38000 it was the most expensive production bike of its day and can now change hands for six-figure sums.

Honda NR750

één van de duurste productie motoren die honda heeft gemaakt 300 stuks. en dat voor 50000 dollar. 125 bhp at 14000 rpm dus dat valt tegen voor dat geld.

Honda NR750 sound

Honda NR750 sound An oval piston and V4 engine is the world heritage which only Honda NR750 realized. この映像の詳細は、次のブログで読むことができる。


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Honda Nr750

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HONDA NR750 sound

今年の5月に熊本 HSR九州で開催されたenjoy HONDAでの一幕 日頃NRの排気音なんて聴く機会は滅多にないので貴重な体験でした 他にもRC212Vやフォーミ...

NR500 - Weird Pistons

You wanted it so you got it. In this video we look at Honda's NR500 (and briefly on the 750) Thanks to all my patreon subscribers. If you wanna help out go here ...

Honda NR 750 - Walk Around -

Video della Honda NR 750 ,unica moto con pistoni "Ovali" 750cc. 4 Cilindri "V" 8 bielle e 32 valvole. Capirossi nel 1992 ci stabilì il record di velocità per le moto ...